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Your Body is the Boss!

In short: I, Nükhet Wieben, have been teaching the CANTIENICA® method since 2009. More than 2000 classes and hundreds of clients have been able to free themselves from a wide range of complaints with the help of my experience, expertise, instructions and hands-on coaching. You can do that too if you know how!

Mein System:

  • puts your sleeping muscles to use.
  • changes your posture from within
  • relieves back pain – whether lower or upper back
  • cures bladder weakness and strengthens the pelvic floor
  • repairs muscles damaged by childbirth and tightens the Love Channel
  • tightens your body and is a fat burner for the places where your shape is challenged

Even if you have no obvious complaints, my system will benefit you: It brings life, stretching and blood circulation into the glued structures. This has an effect on the whole organism. With the holistic system of the CANTIENICA® method you dissolve invisible blockades. You feel safe, relaxed and upright in your skin and that’s what you radiate. Get your sexy back! From within


  • Because life is too short for back pain.
  • Because EVERYTHING is more fun without Pain
  • Because prevention is the best medicine
  • Because today we have the chance to do good to our body to enjoy the future.
  • Cause it feels fantastic when every cell’s awake
  • Because you deserve to feel attractive and confident in your skin.
  • Our physical reaction patterns create our emotional body feedback. If we are bent, our posture is bent, we react more with negative feelings to events. And vice versa it is easier for us to react positively and with a smile when we are upright. Our posture helps to create our neuronal reaction pattern. Stand up and experience yourself and your world in a new light! Our body reflects our subconscious: Here information is stored that has no place in our head, ergo: that has been suppressed or suppressed. I invite you to get on the track of your body. To inform him anew and to create space for new experiences.

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