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Welcome to my website! With my offer, I would like to support you to enjoy your body to the fullest and to improve your life!
Live painlessly, get rid of your bladder weakness. Have a beautiful posture!
Your body is intelligent! The better it is aligned, the better it works! Conquer it back, revive it and feel stable, strong and sexy! Be at home in your body.

I wil host a live workshop in Los Angeles in November. All infos here

And more…
I invite you to get on the track of your body. Our body is our subconscious: Information is stored here that has no place in our intellect: Your body accommodates suppressed and repressed information. With Basis Embodiment, the authentic alignment, you can release blockages. You leave your past behind you through the body. The more you are at home in your body, the more you fill it with your NOW. Free yourself from stressful traumas. Open your body for more, light, love and life!
My courses are for men and women of all ages!


Please contact me directly if you like to know more about my programs in english!