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Re-activate your Power, heal yourself & free yourself

24.10. in Zürich/ Zumikon

Pelvic floor training is misunderstood and mostly done superficially.

Yoni eggs and training devices do not help with bladder weakness because they do not train the pelvic floor. Also, the entire posture determines whether the deep muscles in the pelvis are active and how we feel in our skin and how we experience our strength. Many Postnatal complaints can be revised when you get in touch with the power, intelligence and healing force of your body and your femininity. 

💥Do you still feel unstable after giving birth?

💥Do you have to deal with Incontinence, prolapses or pain inside and around your pelvis?

💥Do you miss your drive and energy? Do you want to feel like „Yourself“ again after having a baby?

If you want to feel really good in your skin again, sexy and alive, this Seminar is for you. 

I am 39 and originally from the north of Germany. I have always been interested in body work,  spirituality and healing methods. After 12 years in the field of holistic bodywork I think that our society has forgotten that our body is an intelligent entity that has the power to heal itself. Every movement can nourish and support our body. Every action has consequences. We are way more powerful than we believe we are. When our energy, body, posture & mind beginn to work as a team again, we have the power to create what ever we want to experience.

I have been working in the field of holistic healing for more than 12 years now. I am an expert in pelvic floor training and posture. I have been a Buddhist for 17 years, an entrepreneur for more than 10 years, a facilitator for women circles, leadership embodiment trainer, coach and author (Schmerzfrei sitzen, Kösel 2019). I integrate the nervous system and energy system in each of my seminars and classes. 

«In order for postnatal symptoms to disappear, it is not only necessary to do the right exercises! Women are invited to be fully at home in their body. She is invited to feel herself, to overcome the conditioned self-rejection and to experience her power on all levels so that healing & stability can occur naturally again. She is invited to «embody» herself fully. In order to get to this place she must connect with her body and her energy fully. I help her with this! I am there to help women find their personal, unique embodiment and live their lives with enthusiasm.“- Nükhet Wieben

Through precise training, embodiment and energy work we bring your system into healing and you free yourself from postnatal discomfort. For good. You become free, stable, more vital and radiant again!

I will share 12 years of experience as a trainer with you in this intensive seminar. After the seminar you will know exactly WHAT the solution is for YOUR body, how to actually reach and train the Pelvic Floor and which exercises will help YOU. 


What we´ll cover during the Intensiv Seminar 

  • Learn the principles of Venus Pelvic Floor Training 360° – how the innermost pelvic floor muscles work
    The background to muscular complaints such as organ prolapse, foreign body sensation and bladder weakness 
  • Intensive training sessions 
  • Nervous system release & releasing emotions from the system (feminine practices from different schools of wisdom)
  • Healing impulses for your womb and Femininity
  • Energy work & Embodiment for more presence & self-love 
  • You will understand the best exercises for YOU, because I respond to each woman individually, coach her and give her the best exercises for her personal current challenge.

Then join us. We look forward to a wonderful morning with you.

Date: Monday 24.10.2022 at 10.00 am until 12.15 pm. in Zumikon

Time: 10:00 – 12:15 

Costs: 240.- 

Save your spot here:, 079 808 29 29

If you have questions we can have a short call.

About Nükhet 

Expert for pelvic floor training, posture & a pain-free back.

  • Holistic coach for integrity & embodiment that involves the nervous system
  • Developer of Venus BBT 360® a holistic and body-oriented embodiment method that integrates the pelvic floor.
  • Trainings in energy work, readings & spirituality
  • Training in women’s empowerment, spiritual business development & modern marketing
  • Developer of the online programme New Core Revolution for pelvic floor training from the levator ani muscle, back health & healthy posture
  • Developer of online courses for personal development for women & entrepreneurs through embodiment techniques & body & energy work
  • Instructor in Venus Pelvic Floor Training 360° for future leaders. When she is not meditating, you can find Nükhet in nature by the water, at the Vietnamese restaurant around the corner, or in the bookstore. She loves to read in the sun, look at the sky and see loved ones. I was born in northern Germany in 1983, I have been living in Zurich since 2005 and am now Swiss. Nükhet Wieben has been a deep muscle trainer, posture coach & expert in pelvic floor training for 12 years. She has been a Buddhist for 17 years, an entrepreneur for over 10 years, a trained women’s group leader, leadership embodiment trainer, coach and author (Schmerzfrei sitzen, Kösel 2019).

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