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The Workshop

Proper Pelvic Floor Training comes from the Musculus Levator ani. It is the basis for an upright, stable body. The Levator ani is the best protection against back pain, mechanical bladder weakness and organ prolapses.

In this workshop you will get to know the deep muscles that are important for your health. You will learn what the pelvic floor is and what it is not. You learn what it feels like when your Levator ani participates. How real pelvic floor training works. You learn how to turn your pelvis, spine, chest and head into working as a team. And how you use every second of your everyday life for an upright posture and for a sensual, healthy body. You learn how to prevent and cure organ sinking and how your stomach becomes flat. Even better than before pregnancy. I promise!

Do you want to get rid of postnatal bladder weakness? Do you want to prevent or cure back pain? Do you want an upright, beautiful posture? You are very welcome in my three hours. There are max 10 participants in each course. So I can arrange the program of the pelvic floor training according to your needs. A consistent training of the Levator ani for many something completely new. That’s why personal coaching is very important here.



If you want to experience your most inner pelvic floor, please call me for a personal training session. +41 79 590 49 06

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